Time management

How to make sure you never run out of time

Exam techniques

These test tips should be followed and practiced to ensure that students perform to their full ability on the day of the Selective Test.

Students should never run out of time without having read every single question in an exam, as all questions are worth the same amount of marks for a given subject. It is essential for students to measure their performance in timed Selective Practice Tests to get a feel for when they should skip a question. Generally, students should check the time every 5-10 questions and adjust their pace. Checking the time too frequently can place undue stress on the student and can quickly become a waste of time whilst checking infrequently can result in poor time management and unsolved questions.

We recommend students spend about a quarter of their time checking their answers. This usually includes:

Rereading the question and their working out immediately after solving the question Ensuring that the correct question and answer bubble has been marked on the answer sheet Returning to harder questions after a student completes their first full attempt of the exam.

However, we maintain that attempting every question in the Selective School Test is of utmost importance and therefore the time students spend on checking their answers should be adjusted depending on their pace in a given exam.