Preexam prep

A quick list of items both students and parents should do before the Selective Test

What to do one month before the test

In the month before the Selective Test, students should reattempt the questions they got wrong in their practice exams. If they make the same mistake again, they should review answers and make sure they understand how to solve similar questions. Students should identify their weaknesses in a particular topic or exam technique and focus a few hours on dedicated practice. Students may also choose to get familiar with the format of the answer sheet found here.

Parents should make sure they have received an email, which provides further information regarding the Selective Test, their child’s Test Centre and a Test Authority Letter, which must be taken to the Test Centre on the day of the exam. Parents should plan their child’s transport to the Centre well in advance and facilitate a stress free journey.

What to do the night before the test

On the night before the exam, students should make sure they get plenty of sleep whilst parents should make sure that students are well prepared with a clear plastic bottle of water, a snack or small lunch to eat during the break as well as their test authority letter. It is important for parents to remind their children to relax and alleviate anxiety as their are ample further opportunities in later years to join a Selective School.